All Colors - Pet Magic Covers

All Colors - Pet Magic Covers

All Colors - Pet Magic Covers

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Breath New Life Into Your Home

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• Introducing the Pet Magic Covers! With the combination of high-quality fabric and elegant design gives you foolproof protection and incredible design and style for your sofas and recliners!

• Resistant: Our Pet Magic Covers are very flexible to ensure fit on almost all couches. With our modern design, you are given a non-slip extremely comfortable Magic Cover that will last at least 10 years! It remains firmly positioned without moving with whatever surface it is covering. 

• Peace Of Mind Protection: Absolutely essential for homes with children and pets, our Magic Cover protects your furniture from dust, stains, wear and tear while providing a fresh look. No matter how your sofa looks today with the magic cover you will truly see how it magically breathes new life into your home!

• Easy To Install: Our Magic Cover can be applied to almost any piece of furniture in less than a minute, simply cover the sofa completely and slide the foam rods provided into the corners of the couch to firmly tighten the cover. Where then a string is tied from underneath the sofa which holds all of it together.

• Durable And Affordable: Our Pet Magic Covers offer ergonomic design and elegance at an affordable price, the magic cover breathes freshness throughout your home while maintaining the highest quality possible. With our specially formulated magic cover, we ensure state-of-the-art design without sacrificing any of the comfort and durability.

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Why Our Pet Magic Covers Are Essential For Every Home


 Protection Against Any Circumstance: Stain Resistant, Non-Slip, Anti-Tear, Dust-Proof, and above all waterproof

✓ A Touch Of Freshness and Elegance for your now new interior, perfect for many different occasions and celebrations with family and friends. 

✓ Washer Machine Friendly: With our Magic Covers you can wash them just like any t-shirt or jeans, throw them in the wash without any risk of deterioration.

✓ Our Magic Covers don't require any ironing due to our modern design it will shape to any surface wrinkle-free. 

✓ Easily transform any interior piece in just seconds by slipping on the magic cover to any interior piece!

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